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Compression Garments Comparison

Today’s post is about showing how compression garments compare.  In this post I just want to list the products manufacturers and not go into details just yet as in my research isn’t quite complete ;).  Here are some brands I will compare over the course of several posts:

  • Marena group compression garments
  • Juzo compression garments
  • Jobst compression garments
  • Bella Jane compression garments
  • Contour compression garments
  • Design Veronique compression garments
  • Vedette compression garments


The brands aren’t in any sort order I just listed them randomly.  Readers please feel free to leave comments below on ideas for future comparison posts as well as any brands that I left out.

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Also it wouldn’t hurt to read my previous posts because I bet you are reading this blog for the sole purpose of researching the best compression garment that’s right for your next procedure or stage of recovery.

My last two posts were:

Compression Garments Compare

If not educated right a post op surgery can end up being a very uncomfortable too expensive experience. Careful research is key with this particular kind of purchase. I recommend reading several sources online and offline at the library…


Compression Garments After Tummy Tuck

Compression Bodysuits Sizing Guide



Compression Bodysuits Sizing Guide

The most common reviews left about compression garments is how uncomfortable they were. Believe me when I say this; people don’t know how to size themselves correctly!  Sizing is usually the reason and people think it’s uncomfortable because of the brand they bought.  Let me help you hopefully prevent you from having to return a garment due to sizing.  Don’t get me wrong; plenty of uncomfortable compression garments exist and they are usually not made in the USA.

Compression Bodysuits Sizing 101

  1. First make sure you pick a compression garment brand with quality fabric and material.
  2. Pick a garment that is right for your procedure.  When in doubt go with a compression bodysuit.
  3. Wash your garments according to what the manufacturer tells you to.  If they don’t have it on their website call them.
  4. Read the sizing chart located at the place you want to purchase your garment.
  5. Every garment manufacturer has a different way of sizing; some don’t use size names such as 36C instead they use Large.

These are just a few tips on how to size yourself correctly.



Stay tuned for another post about sizing…


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Compression Garments Best of List

Today I want to provide a source of education for those who haven’t figured out what compression garments are used for, question which brands/manufacturer to buy from, which plastic surgeries are popular in 2012, which plastic surgeries you should select, which compression garment you need based on the plastic surgery procedure you choose, or just want to learn more about the topic.

The first topic I want to offer best lists for is: how to choose a plastic surgery, or multiple surgeries.

2012 popularity is rising in having multiple procedures.

So here are a few websites to visit for determining procedures.

1.  Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures:

2.  Before and After:

3.  Find plastic surgeons Search by location Zip,City,Country,U.S.,Canada,etc. Search by Surgeon Name:

4.   Surgery Statistics:

5. Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety:

6. Costs of Procedures:

7. List of Cosmetic Procedures:












Top 3 Best Selling Compression Girdles On Amazon Sept 2012

Currently the top 3 best selling compression girdles on Amazon.com are the following (Please note this isn’t my choice this is what Amazon’s choice is because they show the best sellers first for whatever searches performed):  In this case I chose the search “compression girdles“.

Product Details

1.) Vedette 136 Shapewear Bodysuit Sexy Boyshorts Fajas by Vedette

Product Details

2.)Postpartum Support Girdle Belt w/zipper Support Belly Band Medical-Grade Compression Bellefit by Bellefit

Product Details

3.) McDavid 850T Men’s Football Compression Girdle Shorts Royal 2XL by McDavid


I believe Vedette is a good brand as for the latter choices I am going to leave that up to the reader.  I don’t know anything about them.  I do howoever challenge you the reader/shopper/enthusiast to look for and try to find a Made in the USA compression garment.  It’s tough.  I wouldn’t buy something in this category that’s made in a 3rd world country.  You really do get what you pay for and when it comes to plastic surgery you paid at least a couple grand to have a surgery or multiple procedures; so why not make it a few extra bucks more and go with the more expensive compression garment?

I don’t necessarily agree with the best sellers for compression girdles but it is what it is.  Let’s hear your comments below on what compression girdle(s) you like!


Contour Compression Garment Style 2 Mid Calf Girdle 4in Waist

Contour Compression Girdles Vs Marena Compression Girdles

Contour Compression Girdle Mid Calf Girdle 4in Waist Compression Garment ContourMD : Style 2
Contour Compression Garment Style 2 Mid Calf Girdle 4in Waist
Contour Mid-Calf Girdle with 4″ Waist

  •  55% Lycra Spandex fabric
  • Antimicrobial fabric
  • Latex Free
  • Side zippers with padded hook-and-eye closures
  • Reinforced abdomen
  • Open Crotch
  • Color: Beige
  • Suitable for abdominal, hip, and knee procedures
  • Required Measurements: Waist, Hip, See Sizing Chart Here and How To Measure Here


Style 2 Compression Girdles Area Coverage:

  • Lower Abs
  • Lower Body
  • Hips
  • Banana Rolls
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves



  • Liposuction Girdle
  • Lower body compression garment
  • Compression garment
  • Compression girdle

Contour Style 2 – Mid Calf Girdle 4in Waist

The next compression girdle is a similar girdle in terms of body area coverage that we found to compare to the Contour Style 2.

Marena Support Girdle with Long Legs (F5 Certified Compression Garment)

Marena Support Certified Compression Garment



  • 51% NYLON, 49% ELASTENE
  • F5 certified fabric
  • High waist design
  • zipper on both sides
  • open crotch
  • 3″ elastic band
  • Suitable for legs, calf implants liposuction procedures


The Marena Support Girdle with Long Legs Area Coverage:

  • abdomen
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees
  • calves




Compression Garments After Tummy Tuck

Topic: Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Garments

In this article I want to discus the benefit of wearing a compression garment post op in specifically tummy tuck surgery.

The reason patients are recommended a compression garment after a tummy tuck is it helps to comfort and aid the recovery process.

Take a look at this tummy tuck garment to get a feel for what to look for:
Style 50 Fat Transfer Garment by Contour
The excess skin that is not contoured to a post op tummy tuck patients body is extremely unattractive and in almost all cases a patient will wish to do something to reduce the sagging, excess stretched out skin look.

After all the reason why a person goes to have a tummy tuck is because they want to look and feel better about themselves.

The excess skin is very stubborn and many patients find themselves never getting it to go away.  These unfortunate post op tummy tuck patients are mainly in the mindset of not doing anything after the tummy tuck surgery to help reduce the excess skin look; like getting a compression garment that fits right to contour your body and aid in the recovery healing process and hopefully reduce the excess skin look.

I don’t want to mislead people reading this article so I want to make sure you know right now that I in no way shape or form claim any kind of complete vanishing of excess skin appearance even with a compression garment.

The problem is modern technology in the surgical operations procedures don’t have a 100% way to get a patient to look exactly how they dream of being.

The best way to start the reduction of excess skin and ultimately a more desired tummy appearance is with the help of a quality compression garment in the following days after a tummy tuck also known as a Abdominoplasty procedure.

Shop compression garments after tummy tuck today!